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What is Public Relations?

  • Maintaining a good image internally and externally
  • Networking–meetings, groups, organizations
  • Talking about clients through events, calendar listings and interviews.

The art of public relations is getting to put your company’s best face forward in hopes of generating enough interest in your product, service, event or company. Getting the word out about these and other topics is paramount to getting people into a “call to action,” or getting them to respond to their message (visit their website, contact them for more information, attend their event, etc.)


My philosophy in the public relations and media relations industries remains the same. Everyone has a story to tell, and it is my job to ensure that gets seen and heard by as many people and groups as possible. It does not matter if the messages come through a media/news release, a public service announcement, a social media post or through networking meetings (where I have a captive audience to tell them about upcoming events). Getting the message out to the public must be the primary directive because without it, there is little to no chance of success.

Importance of Public Relations


If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, then does it make a sound? Same goes for public relations: if you have an event, service or message to convey, and no one is there to hear it, then was it that important in the first place? The answer is probably not, since it was not that important to get the word out in the first place. Worse, that means someone else—perhaps a competitor—took the time to send their message out there and reap the benefits of their work.

Creating a story is really not that tough because there are subjects all around us to consider featuring. Perhaps your company is hiring more people, moving to a larger location or appointed a new board of Directors. Those are several quick examples of getting news out to the public. Getting the name out there will only enhance the business—provided the news is positive—because the name and will be out there as a proactive, forward-thinking business. That would keep the name top of mind, so when someone wants a certain service, then that name will be first on the list.


Using a company logo or a photo of the company president provides an image for people to remember. Think of companies such as McDonald’s (Golden Arches) CITGO (the Red Triangle above the name) or The Red Cross (pretty obvious) and what those images mean. You know what they are when you see them. Making that happen takes time, but in so doing, gives your company a chance to become established in the category you serve.



By getting out there and showing potential customers and investors what they do can help them with their bottom line and/or solve their problem (preferably both issues). Being proactive as outlined here is a big step toward reaching that goal. Following up success with more success can only breed a happier bottom line.